Ord. No.
Date Passed
Ord. No.
Date Passed
-- -Vacating an alley adjoining Lots 35, 36 and 37 of the Milton Coal Company Addition
- -
First alley north of Thirteenth St. extending from Railroad St. to first alley west of Railroad St.
Ord. 1278
Alley running east and west between E. C St. and E. D St. from New York Ave. to New Jersey Ave.
Ord. 1296
Alley running east and west between Twelfth St. and Thirteenth St.
Ord. 1366
Eight feet each side of S. Ohio Ave. from Third St. to Sixth St.
Ord. 1496
E St. from Indiana Ave. to Michigan Ave.
Ord. 1510
Alley, and part of another alley between Sixth and Seventh St. and running from Pennsylvania Ave. to New York Ave.
Ord. 1539
Alley east and west between Lots 441 and 338 in original town
Ord. 1543
Part of High St.
Ord. 1697
Part of Dakota Ave.
Ord. 1714
Alley between Lots 535 and 474
Ord. 1744
East-West alley between Lots 29, 30, 32, 34 and 79, 81, 83, 84; and North-South alley between Lots 30, 31, 32, 81, 82, 83 between West D St. and West E St.
Ord. 1752
North West-South East alley between Lots 10, 25, 26 and 11, 24 in Cummings Addition
Ord. 1760
Railroad St. from Thirteenth St. to second alley north of Thirteenth St. extending east and west across Railroad St.
Ord. 1835
High St. north of Second St. between Lot 1 in Harrison’s Addition and Lot 74 in Cobb’s Addition
Ord. 1844
(1) North-South alley between and parallel with Michigan Ave. and Indiana Ave. from Second St. to first alley south of Broadway; East-West alley between and parallel with First St. and Second St. from Michigan Ave. to Railroad Ave.
(2) North-South alley between and parallel with Indiana Ave. and Railroad Ave. from First St. to Second St.
(3) Indiana Ave. from First St. north of Broadway.
(4) First St. from Indiana Ave. to Railroad Ave.
Ord. 1909
Alley between B St. and C St. from Vermont Ave. to New Jersey Ave.
Ord. 1950
Vacate the following in the Laura Wells Addition: from West Sixth St. to West Eighth St.: Arkansas Ave., Missouri Ave., North-South Alley between Dakota Ave. and Arkansas Ave., North-South alley between Arkansas Ave. and Missouri Ave., North-South alley between Missouri Ave. and Minnesota Ave.; East-West alleys between West Sixth St. and West Eighth St.: from Missouri Ave. to Minnesota Ave., from Arkansas Ave. to Missouri Ave., from Dakota Ave. to Arkansas Ave.
Ord. 2030
Portion of E St., 20 feet by 74 feet, abutting property of James and Louise Sherwood
Ord. 2125
Portion of East-West alley south of Second St. and west of South Ohio Ave.
Ord. 2153
Alley between State Route 93 and northerly boundary of the Comet Addition and between Kansas Ave. and westerly boundary of the Comet Addition
Ord. 2256
Eight feet on either side of Second St. from New York Ave. to Massachusetts Ave.
Ord. 2409
Alley between Lots 26, 27, 28, 85 and 87
Ord. 2462
Alley between Lots 22, 23 and 24
Ord. 2477
Alley between Lots 250 and 311
Ord. 2491
Alley running north and south between Lot 10 in Fluhart’s Second Addition and Lot 46 in Milton Coal Co. Addition
Ord. 2500
Reserve as a turnaround a portion of the vacated alley in Ord. 2491
Ord. 2600
Portion of south side of B St., 22 feet ten inches along Lot 377
Ord. 2668
8- -1985
Alley running east and west between Lots numbered 1196 and 1195, 1185 and 1186 in Laura Wells Addition
Ord. 2780
Part of Maine Ave.; alley between Lots 287 and 290 of Pavey’s Addition; alley bounded on the west by Lots 290, 291, 294, 298 and 302, and on the east by Lots 289, 292, 293, 296, 297, 300 and 301
Ord. 2853
Part of Fairgrounds Road (AKA Driving Park Road)
Ord. 2861
Portions of D St., Indian Ave., E St., Park Ave., and an alley parallel to Indian Ave. connecting D St. and E St.
Ord. 3176
Vacating a portion of Chestnut St. adjoining Lots 64 and 65 in Lucy M. Cobb’s Second Addition
Ord. 3229
Vacating an alley parallel to South Pennsylvania Ave. and New York Ave., abutting East Eleventh St. in Powell’s Addition
Ord. 3363
Vacating portions of West Sixth St. between Arkansas Ave. and Minnesota Ave. adjoining Lots 964, 893, 829, 700, 701, 828, 894 and 963 in Laura Wells Addition
Ord. 3434
Vacating two alleys located in Oak Ridge Addition
Ord. 3433
Vacating an alley adjoining Lots 82 and 83, Lucy J. Cobbs Addition
Ord. 3483
Vacating an alley located in Pavey’s Addition
Ord. 3552
Vacating part of Minnesota Ave. that lies between Eighth St. and the first East-West alley south of Eighth St.
Ord. 4023
Vacation of a portion of the alley from the east line of Pennsylvania Ave. to the west line of a 16-foot alley
Ord. 4031
Vacation of the portion of Twelfth St.
Ord. 4156
Vacating an alley adjoining Lot 86 in Powell’s Addition and Lot 184 in Austin’s Addition
Ord. 2014-020
Vacation of a portion of Rose Bud Lane located in the Austin’s Second Addition
Ord. 2016-111
Vacation of a portion off twelfth street
Ord. 2016-135
Vacation of an alley between Lots 391 and 392 in Laura Wells’ Addition
Ord. 2021-10   
Vacating a portion of the alley running north-south from East First Street to East Second Street and located between South Vermont Avenue and South Massachusetts Avenue and a portion of the alley running east-west from South Vermont Avenue to South Massachusetts Avenue and located between East First Street and East Second Street.
Ord. 2021-69
Vacating a portion of 12th Street running east-west from South Rhode Island Avenue to South New Hampshire Avenue
Ord. 2022-06
Vacating a portion of an alley abutting and situated between parcels numbered M240280012900, M240280013100 and M240280013200 and running from 11th Street south between those parcels.