(A)   Established. In recognition of the need for the establishment of a public body with the authority to advise upon changes to structures and objects in the Historic District in order to encourage changes that are compatible with the restoration movement now in progress, the Historic Review Board (hereinafter referred to as the Review Board) is hereby established. The Review Board shall consist of five residents of the city appointed by the Mayor, with approval of City Council, for terms of three years. At least two members of the Board shall be residents or property owners within the Historic District. In appointing members, the Mayor and City Council shall make good faith effort to appoint persons with professional training in the fields of architecture, design or urban planning.
   (B)   Meetings. The Historic District Review Board shall hold not less than four regular meetings per year.
   (C)   Quorum. Three members of the Board shall constitute a quorum. The concurring vote of three members shall be necessary to adopt any motion or action.
   (D)   Procedure. The Historic District Review Board shall adopt its own other procedural rules and guidelines.
(2003 Code, § 155.02)  (Ord. 3438, passed 9-20-2001)