The Applicant must submit the following documentation with each Application.
   (a)   Completed Application form including the identity, legal status, and federal tax identification number of the Applicant, as well as all affiliates and agents of the Applicant that will use or be, in any way, responsible for the Facilities.
   (b)   The name, address, and telephone number of the local officer, agent, or employee responsible for the accuracy of the application to be notified in case of emergency.
   (c)   Fully dimensional scaled site plan (scale no smaller than one inch equals forty (40) feet).  The site plan must include:
      (1)   The exact proposed location of the Facilities within the Right-of-Way;
      (2)   All existing Facilities with all existing transmission equipment;
      (3)   The location of all overhead and underground public utilities, telecommunications, cable, water, sanitary sewer, and storm water drainage utilities in the Public Way within one hundred (100) feet surrounding the proposed Facilities.
      (4)   The legal property boundaries within one hundred (100) feet surrounding the proposed Facilities;
      (5)   Indication of distance between the Facilities and existing curbs, driveways, sidewalks, trees, utilities, other poles, and existing buildings within one hundred (100) feet surrounding the proposed Facilities; and
      (6)   Access and utility easements within one hundred (100) feet surrounding the proposed Facilities.
   (d)   Elevation drawings (scale no smaller than one inch equals ten (10) feet) of the proposed Facilities.
   (e)   Evidence that the Applicant provided notice by mail to all property owners within 300 feet of the proposed Facilities prior to submitting the Application.  The notice shall include:
      (1)   Name of the Applicant;
      (2)   Estimated date Applicant intends to submit the Application;
      (3)   Detailed description of the proposed Facilities and the proposed location; and
      (4)   Accurate, to-scale photo simulation of the proposed Facilities.  Scale shall be no smaller than one inch equals forty (40) feet.
   (f)   A preliminary installation/construction schedule and completion date.
   (g)   Structural calculations prepared, stamped and signed by an engineer licensed and registered by the State of Ohio showing that the Wireless Support Structure can accommodate the weight of the proposed small cell equipment.
   (h)   Analysis demonstrating that the proposed Facilities do not interfere with the Village's public safety radio system, traffic and emergency signal light system, or other Village safety communications components.  It shall be the responsibility of the Applicant to evaluate, prior to making the Application for a Small Cell Use Permit, the compatibility between the existing Village infrastructure and Applicant's proposed Facilities.
   (i)   A landscape plan that demonstrates screening of proposed small cell equipment.
   (j)   Drawings of the proposed Facilities.  For all equipment depicted, the Applicant must also include, if applicable:
      (1)   The manufacturer's name and model number;
      (2)   Physical dimensions, including, without limitation, height, width, depth and weight with mounts and other necessary hardware; and      
      (3)   The noise level generated by the equipment, if any.
   (k)   If the Applicant is not an Operator, then the Applicant must provide proof that the Applicant has been engaged by a wireless service provider who will be the end-user of the Facilities.    (Ord.  2019-03.  Passed 2-19-19.)