70.01   Definitions
   70.02   Obedience to police
   70.03   Authority of police in special cases
   70.04   Public employees to obey traffic regulations
   70.05   Applicability of chapter to authorized emergency vehicles
   70.06   Persons propelling push carts, riding bicycles and the like
   70.07   Pedestrians crossing streets between intersections
   70.08   Duty to stay inside moving vehicles; hanging on to vehicles
   70.09   Riding on vehicles not designated or intended for passengers
   70.10   Entering, jumping on or riding vehicles without consent
   70.11   Boarding or alighting from moving vehicles
Town Vehicle Registration
   70.25   Application; fee; term
   70.99   Penalty
   Bicycles generally, see Chapter 74
   Driving over fire hose, see § 92.03
   Firing or passing fire apparatus or parking near fire, see § 92.02
   Limitation on taxicab parking, see § 113.06
   Noises generally, see Chapter 94
   Notification of injury of dogs by vehicles, see § 90.21
   Parades, picketing, demonstrations and the like, see Chapter 95
   Streets and sidewalks generally, see Chapter 97
   Taxicab driver permits, see §§ 113.20 through 113.25
   Taxicabs and other vehicles for hire, see Chapter 113
   Taxicabs standing on streets while waiting employment, cruising and the like, see § 113.05
   Trailers and trailer parks generally, see Chapter 152
   Unauthorized riding on Fire Department apparatus, see § 92.01
Statutory references:
   Authority of town as to traffic control generally, see G.S. § 160A-300
   Authority of town to impose annual license tax on motor vehicles, see G.S. § 160A-213
   Codification of certain traffic ordinances by appropriate entries upon official map books, see G.S. § 160A-77(b)
   Limitations on annual license tax on motor vehicles, see G.S. § 20-97
   Motor vehicles and traffic generally, see G.S. §§ 20-1 et seq.
   Powers of local authorities generally, see G.S. § 20-169