§ 51.60  TAPPING FEES.
   (A)   (1)   The following schedule of fees for water and sewer taps for single-family residential property, and commercial taps using three-fourths inch meters, shall be charged:
         (a)   Minimum water tap: $250; and
         (b)   Minimum sewer tap: $250.
      (2)   Provided, that in the event the actual cost of the tap to the town is more than $75, the applicant shall pay the actual cost.
   (B)   All other taps shall be charged for on the basis of actual cost to the town, but in no event less than the minimum set forth in division (A) above. The cost to the town shall be determined by the Superintendent of the Water Department.
   (C)   The tapping fee required by division (A) above may be paid for in full at the time that the tap is made or may be paid on the following schedule; provided, that payment in full shall be made on all taps using meters larger than three-fourths inch before the tap is made: a minimum of $30 down before any tap is made, with the balance payable at $10 per month on the first day of each month until the full amount has been paid. In the event that the monthly payments are not paid, the property shall not be served with water until the payment is received.
(1977 Code, § 29-32)