The town will make refuse collection according to these regulations.
   (A)   Refuse is not to be placed in the gutter so as to prevent the flow of water.
   (B)   When scheduled collection falls on a holiday, the collection will be made the next regular scheduled collection day.
   (C)   Collection of dirt, turf, rocks, trade waste, building materials and the like materials or by-products generated by a contractor, will not be picked up by the Sanitation Department.
   (D)   Collection of corncobs, husks, pea hulls, watermelon rinds and like vegetable products should be placed in the garbage cans rather than along the curb.
   (E)   Collectable refuse (as defined in this schedule) cannot be collected on private property. It must be placed at the curb or alley.
   (F)   Collectable refuse, when possible, should be cut, tied or placed in containers to facilitate loading and hauling.
   (G)   All trimmings done by contractors or tree surgeons will not be picked up by the Sanitation Department.
   (H)   Only trees, limbs and stumps left from work done by the property owner or resident will be hauled away by the town at the following cost: as determined by the Board of Commissioners from time to time.
   (I)   No roofing shingles will be picked up by the town, whether left by the resident or a contractor.
   (J)   Dead animal removal from town streets is a town responsibility.
   (K)   All debris placed on the curb for collection must not create a safety hazard.
(Ord. passed - -)  Penalty, see § 10.99