(A)   During the leaf-falling season (October 15 to February 15) leaves may be piled loosely at, but behind the curb line of the street for collection by special leaf collection equipment. The machine operates similar to a vacuum sweeper and any broken glass, cuttings, cans, rods or other debris should be separated from the leaves. Precautions should be taken not to allow piles of leaves to protrude into the street in a manner so as to cause a safety hazard, or to prevent the flow of water along the curb line.
   (B)   From February 15 through October 15, it is suggested that leaves and grass clippings and the like be bagged, tied in sheets, placed in plastic bags, bundled in burlap or placed in throw-away containers. No limbs or hedge clippings will be collected during leaf-falling season.
(Ord. passed - -)