§ 50.01  YARD RUBBISH.
   (A)   Yard rubbish, as a collectable waste, includes grass clippings, leaves, garden hedge trimmings and ordinary accumulation of tree prunings. Leaves and grass clippings (except from October 15 to January 15) will be put in bags, boxes or some other container.
   (B)   Bulky accumulations, such as hedge and tree trimmings, should be cut into pieces not exceeding four feet in length, and tied and piled in bundles along the curb. Anything larger or heavier than "one-man carry" will not be picked up. Rubbish accumulated as a result of repairs to buildings or construction operations is the responsibility of disposal by the household or contractor, and the Sanitation Department does not provide the pick-up.
   (C)   All yard rubbish should be placed between the curb and sidewalk (on town property) only where alleys are not provided and be ready for collection by 7:00 a.m. The household is responsible for the placement of rubbish along the curb so that a safety hazard is not created. Yard rubbish is not to be placed along the curb so as to prevent the flow of water or deny sight to vehicular traffic. The collection of yard rubbish as stated above is without charge.
(Ord. passed - -)