150.01   Scope of chapter and regulatory codes
   150.02   Contractors; registration
   150.03   Fire limits
   150.04   Building Code adopted
   150.05   Electrical Code adopted
   150.06   Compliance
   150.07   Official copies
   150.08   House number; duty of owner to display
Inspection Department
   150.20   Composition
   150.21   Duties; generally
   150.22   Conflicts of interest
   150.23   Records; reports
   150.24   Inspection procedure
   150.25   Powers of Building Inspector
   150.26   Oversights and dereliction of duty not to legalize violation
   150.40   Generally
   150.41   Applications; generally
   150.42   Accompanying plans and specifications
   150.43   Limitations on issuance
   150.44   Issuance
   150.45   Revocation
   150.46   Time limitations on validity
   150.47   Changes in work after issuance
   150.48   Fees
Unsafe Buildings
   150.60   Duties of Building Inspector
   150.61   Duty of owner; failure/refusal to act
   150.62   Notification of owner; hearing
   150.63   Order to remedy or demolish
   150.64   Appeal; finality if not appealed
   150.65   Report upon failure of owner to comply or appeal
   150.66   Action by Board of Commissioners; assessment of cost of removal and the like; lien
   150.67   Notice of hearing by Board of Commissioners
   150.68   Presumption of public danger necessitating summary abatement
   150.69   Willful failure or refusal to comply with orders
   Excavations generally, see §§ 97.40 through 97.44
   Fire prevention generally, see Chapter 92
   Garbage and refuse generally, see Chapter 50
   Noises generally, see Chapter 94
   Plumbing generally, see Chapter 112
   Trailers and trailer parks generally, see Chapter 152
   Water and sewers generally, see Chapter 51
   Zoning generally, see Chapter 155
Statutory reference:
   Building Code Council and North Carolina State Building Code generally, see G.S. §§ 143-136 to 143-143.5
   State law as to buildings and building inspection generally, see G.S. §§ 160A-411 to 160A-438