The enforcement of this chapter shall be the responsibility of the police department, and the chief of police shall designate a poundmaster and give him the authority of a police officer. The poundmaster shall be responsible to the chief of police for the enforcement of all cat and dog regulations, and also for the enforcement of the provisions of sections 6-3-1 through 6-3-11 of this title and shall be the poundmaster referred to in section 6-3-2 of this title and therefore for the taking into custody of all other estray animals. Subject to the provisions of subsection 6-2-10E of this chapter, he shall operate the dog and estray pound or pounds, and all pound fees collected by him shall be turned over to the clerk when collected. It shall be unlawful for any person to hinder or molest the poundmaster or any person authorized and acting through him, or any member of the police department who may be lawfully engaged in seizing, killing or otherwise disposing of any cat or dog within the limits of the city.
The chief of police may perform the duties of poundmaster or may designate any police officer as poundmaster. (Ord. 1190, 5-8-2006)