For the purpose of this chapter the following words shall have the meanings ascribed to them hereinafter:
DOG: Either male or female dog.
FERAL CAT: Cat not identified by collar, clipped ears, tattoo, or other marking to indicate ownership.
  Commercial: Property or facility for the express purpose of breeding or boarding cats or dogs, with a maximum number of ten (10) dogs or ten (10) cats and not to exceed ten (10) animals in total. Owner shall hold certificate of registration from the American Kennel Club or the American Cat Fanciers Association or a like national organization registering purebred or pedigreed animals.
  Noncommercial: A property or residence where there are no more than four (4) dogs or six (6) cats kept as pets not for commercial breeding or boarding purposes. Total number of cats and dogs shall not exceed six (6) animals.
OWNER: Any one or more persons, firms, associations or corporations owning, harboring, keeping or possessing cats or dogs within the corporate limits of the city. (Ord. 1200, 3-12-2007)