The regulation of all permits granted hereunder shall be under the supervision and control of the fire chief or as may be designated by the council. The fire chief shall have the right to inspect and test by samples any and all items or class of items of fireworks displayed to be sold by a permittee. Notwithstanding any other provision in this chapter defining safe and sane fireworks, any and all such safe and sane fireworks being displayed or sold by permittee shall be subject to the express approval or disapproval by the fire chief. Upon notification of any permittee by the fire chief that any particular item or items of fireworks being displayed or sold by a permittee shall be deemed unsafe in the opinion of the fire chief. Such item or items or class of item or items shall be forthwith removed from the fireworks display and returned by the permittee to the wholesaler, jobber or manufacturer of such item or items or class of fireworks or if not so returned shall be forthwith destroyed. (Ord. 761, 6-14-1967; amd. 1987 Code)