5-4-17: BOND:
In those cases where the applicant conducts the sale of fireworks from a temporary fireworks stand, he shall post with the clerk a cash bond or cash deposit in the amount of not less than fifty dollars ($50.00) (or such other security as may be acceptable to the city) conditioned upon the prompt removal of the temporary fireworks stand and the cleaning up of debris from the site of the temporary fireworks stand, which deposit or security shall be returned to the applicant only in the event that he removes said temporary fireworks stand and cleans up all debris to the satisfaction of the fire chief of the city or such other officials as the council may designate. In the event of the applicant's failure to so remove the stand and debris, said cash bond or cash deposit shall be forfeited to the city. In no event shall the applicant be entitled to the return of said cash bond or cash deposit if he has failed to remove said temporary fireworks stand and clean up all debris by twelve o'clock (12:00) noon of July 8 of any year. It shall be the legal duty of each permittee to clear such sites and remove all debris therefrom on or before July 8 of the year in which the permit is granted, and failure to do so shall be punishable by two hundred fifty dollars ($250.00) fine and/or sixty (60) days' confinement in the county jail. (Ord. 761, 6-14-1967; amd. 1987 Code)