"Dangerous fireworks" include any of the following:
   A.   Firecrackers, cannon crackers, giant crackers, salutes, silver tube salutes, cherry bombs, mines, ground bombardment, grasshoppers and other explosive articles of a similar nature;
   B.   Blank cartridges;
   C.   Skyrockets and rockets, including all similar devices employing any combustible or explosive material and which rise in the air during discharge;
   D.   Roman candles, including all devices which discharge balls of fire into the air;
   E.   Chasers and whistles, including all devices which dart or travel about the surface of the ground during discharge;
   F.   Snakes and hats containing bichloride of mercury;
   G.   Sparklers more than ten inches (10") in length or one-fourth (1/4) of an inch in diameter or made with other than iron wires;
   H.   All articles for pyrotechnic display such as aerial shells, salutes, flash shells, sky battles, parachute shells, mines, dago bombs and similar devices;
   I.   All torpedoes which explode by means of friction or which contain arsenic and all other similar fireworks devices including cracker balls;
   J.   Fire balloons or balloons of any type which have burning material of any kind attached thereto. (Ord. 761, 6-1-1967)