The fire chief shall be the chief executive officer of the fire department and shall have direct control, management and direction of all officers and men of said department and the power to detail any of them to such service as he may see fit in connection with the operation of the department, having in mind the best interest of the department and its efficient operation. The fire chief shall exercise supreme command over the department, its members and equipment at all fires and any officer or member of the department who shall fail to promptly obey any order or command of the fire chief shall be subject to immediate discharge by the chief or subject to such other discipline or fine as may be provided by the rules and regulations of the department hereinafter provided for. The chief shall cause all fires to be extinguished with the least possible damage to life and property and shall prevent, as far as possible, unnecessary damage by water; and, before leaving a fire, he shall see that conditions are such that the fire will not rekindle and cause further damage to life or property. All fires will promptly be investigated to determine cause and origin. Said chief shall make monthly reports to the mayor and council showing the number of calls responded to and such other pertinent details as may be desirable or may, from time to time, be required by the mayor or council. The chief shall put and keep in effect a system of organization so that each member of the department, in responding to a fire alarm, has a regular position or duty and see that the members are drilled and become efficient in their duties so as to work systematically in responding to fire alarms and fighting fires and in taking care of and handling the fire apparatus. The chief shall perform such other duties as the mayor and council, from time to time, shall require or by resolution or motion fix and determine. (1987 Code)