The Weiser volunteer fire department shall consist of a fire chief, three (3) assistant fire chiefs and such other officers and firemen as may be necessary to efficiently take care of and operate the fire equipment and apparatus of the city, in going to and from and in fighting fires.
   A.   The chief shall be appointed by the mayor and approved by the council and by the volunteer members. Once appointed, the chief shall serve at the will of the mayor or council or both. His normal tour of duty shall be four (4) years unless otherwise removed from office. The chief shall be in charge of apparatus, equipment, departmental emergencies, file reports of all emergencies with the appropriate state agencies and shall report and discuss emergencies at the next regular meeting.
   B.   The assistant chief shall be appointed by the chief and approved by the members of the fire department. His normal tour of duty shall coincide with that of the chief. The assistant chief shall take full charge of all duties in the chief's absence and assist the chief at all other times. (1987 Code)