§ 50.106  ADJUSTMENTS.
   (A)   Bills shall be corrected if the consumer requests a meter test and it is determined, upon testing, that the meter readings obtained are in error.
   (B)   No reduction in sanitary sewer and water service charges shall be made for leakage from a property owner’s private water system, except in cases where the leakage is underground and not subject to detection by ordinary methods and where the owner and other occupants of the premises are free from negligence in causing or failing to report the leakage. Any and all adjustments of bills shall be at the discretion of the Village Manager and his or her decision in all such matters shall be final. All such adjustments shall not exceed the following parameters:
      (1)   The customer shall pay for all water used on the premises; and
      (2)   An adjustment may be made to the sewer service charges if the Director determines that leaked water was not tributary to the sanitary sewer system. Adjustment to the sewer service charge may reflect the difference between average seasonal usage and recorded excess use during the billing period.
   (C)   If the premises is found to be utilizing water from the water system or discharging sanitary sewage or other wastes into the village sewer system, or utilizing trash collection and disposal services, without payment of the monthly service charges, the village shall measure or establish the quantity of such water or wastes for the purpose of establishing a proper charge in accordance with §§ 50.120 through 50.124, and such premises shall be charged for the total term of the prior usage on the basis of the quantity so determined.
(Ord. 97-104, passed 2-3-1997)