(A)   The village shall perform all maintenance on the water service lateral from the water main through the meter. The owner shall be responsible for the maintenance and repair of the water service lateral from the meter pit to the structure being served.
   (B)   A backflow prevention device must be installed on all water service laterals by the property owner, immediately upon entry to the structure to be served and prior to any connection or usage. The backflow prevention device shall be in accordance with the requirements of the village (see Chapter 51 of these codified ordinances).
   (C)   Within certain areas of the village, water system pressures are such that pressure reducing valves must be used. In these areas, each customer shall be provided a pressure reducing valve for installation by the property owner within the structure to be served. It is the property owner’s responsibility to maintain, repair, and replace the pressure reducing valves as necessary.
   (D)   All materials and workmanship shall be in strict accordance with the “Water Service Details” requirements of the Water and Sewer Department of the village.
      (1)   The water service lateral for all structures shall be constructed with pipe of a size not less than three-fourths-inch internal diameter. The property owner must determine the size of lateral required to serve the property.
      (2)   The water service lateral from the water main to the curb stop or meter pit (village maintained) shall be constructed with Type K copper tubing. The water service lateral from the curb stop or meter pit to the structure (customer maintained) may be Type K copper tubing or polyethylene tubing SDR 9, 200 p.s.i., CTS-OD.
      (3)   The depth of the water service lateral shall be sufficient to afford protection from frost. The minimum allowable depth is 42 inches.
   (E)   The interconnection of a private, individual water source (well or cistern) to the village water system is prohibited. If a property owner maintains a well or cistern, the two water systems must be physically separate. A valved interconnection is not permitted.
   (F)   Comparable fittings for larger laterals must be provided, with all materials approved prior to installation.
(Ord. 97-104, passed 2-3-1997)  Penalty, see § 50.999