(A)   No sanitary sewer connection will be made to a residential unit or commercial building until the structure has been placed under roof (for structures with basements or lower level excavation), the rough interior plumbing has been approved and the village notified in writing as to such and approval, and all sources of ground or subsurface water from the area of the structure have been drained to an acceptable discharge point.
   (B)   No water taps will be permitted until the connection into the sanitary sewer has been made, if sanitary sewer service is available.
   (C)   All construction must be performed by the property owner or a qualified contractor in accordance with the requirements and specifications of the village.
   (D)   All construction must be inspected by authorized inspectors of the village. All construction outside the structure is inspected by the village; all construction within the structure is inspected by the County Combined Health District.
(Ord. 97-104, passed 2-3-1997)  Penalty, see § 50.999