(A)   Temporary interruptions of sanitary sewer service by the village may be necessary for improvements or repairs. Whenever possible, and as time permits, all consumers will be notified prior to such interruption.
   (B)   The village shall maintain all sanitary sewers in dedicated public easements or rights-of-way. Sanitary sewers that do not lie within public easements or dedicated rights-of-way shall be maintained by the property owners, and in the event of problems, service shall be discontinued until repairs have been completed to the satisfaction of the village.
   (C)   The village will perform all maintenance of the public sanitary sewer. The property owner will be held responsible for the maintenance of the building sewer. The village may require the property owner to make any repairs to, or perform any maintenance on, the building functioning of the sewerage system. If the village is called upon or finds it necessary to repair or maintain any building sewer, the cost of such repair or maintenance shall be billed directly to the property owner.
   (D)   The village expressly disclaims any responsibility for damages caused by, or arising from, any stoppage within the sewerage system.
(Ord. 97-104, passed 2-3-1997)