(A)   No person other than an authorized agent of the village may connect to any portion of the water supply system, tamper with or remove any meter, seal, or parts thereof, or insert a meter by-pass without permission of the village. Any of the above shall constitute a tampering violation. Whoever violates this prohibition shall be punished as provided in § 50.999, and such violation shall also constitute due cause for discontinuance of water service.
   (B)   If the village finds that a meter seal has been broken, a connection installation ahead of the meter, or any by-pass inserted, or there is evidence that the meter has been tampered with, the water will be shut off and will not be turned on again until the consumer or owner of the premises pays for the estimated quantity of water which has been used and not registered and, in addition, pays a fee for turning on the water. The criminal laws of the state provide severe penalties for tampering with water meters, meter seals, valves, and other devices in the water supply system.  The penalties herein provided are in addition to the penalties provided by the criminal laws of the state, and the payment of penalties herein mentioned will not in any way relieve any person from prosecution.
   (C)   No person shall unlawfully secure a supply of water through a corporation stop, valve, or other device after it has been closed due to the violation of any of these rules and regulations, without first having secured the necessary permit from the village.
(Ord. 97-104, passed 2-3-1997)  Penalty, see § 50.999