§ 50.026  WATER METERS.
   (A)   A separate and individual water service lateral shall be provided to each building and each such lateral shall be metered. The meter pit for each housing, business, or commercial unit shall be installed at a location acceptable to the Water and Sewer Department. The consumer shall be responsible for all water usage recorded by such meter.
   (B)   Water meters shall be furnished to consumers by the village upon payment of the necessary fees and charges as listed in the ordinance for fees and rates and upon compliance with the applicable provisions of §§ 50.010 and 50.080 through 50.087.
   (C)   It shall be the responsibility of the property owner to keep the meter pit at grade with the ground surface and accessible at all times. Failure to comply with this requirements shall be cause for discontinuance of water service until such time as compliance is effected. The property owner shall conform to any written instructions from the village as to the grade of his or her meter pit and the village shall be indemnified against any damages or expenses occasioned it by reason of the meter pit being above or below grade. The cost of any repairs made necessary by negligence or abuse on the part of the property owner shall be charged to the owner.
   (D)   Each water service lateral two inches in diameter or larger shall be provided with a meter by- pass. The by-pass must be valved so that it can be sealed to prevent its use by anyone except village personnel. Valves must be provided before and after the meter so that the meter may be isolated and maintained without water loss.
(Ord. 97-104, passed 2-3-1997)  Penalty, see § 50.999