(A)   No physical connection shall be maintained between any source of water or liquid and the village water supply system. No spigot or outlet shall be physically connected to a drain or sewer.
   (B)   A separate and individual water service lateral shall be provided to each single-family unit or commercial building, with each such service lateral being metered. No lateral shall serve more than one building unless specific authority is given by the Utilities Department.
   (C)   (1)   A backflow prevention device must be installed on all water service laterals by the property owner immediately upon entry to the structure to be served, prior to any point of connection or usage. The following devices shall be required:
         (a)   For residential dwelling units (three-family or less), double check valve complying with A.S.S.E. No. 1024 must be provided (Watts Regulator Company Model No. 7 or equal); and
         (b)   For all other users, a reduced pressure principle pressure reducing valve (triple check valve) complying with A.S.S.E. No. 1013 must be provided (Watts Regulator Company Model No. 909 or equal).
      (2)   Backflow devices meeting A.S.S.E. Standard 1013 must be tested at the time of installation and at least once every 12 months thereafter by a person certified by the state’s Department of Health or other recognized agency in the use of the proper testing equipment designed for this purpose. In accordance with accepted engineering practices, backflow preventer meeting A.S.S.E. Standard 1013 must be completely rebuilt every five years.
      (3)   Backflow prevention and cross-connection control rules and regulations as set forth in the backflow prevention and cross-connection control ordinance of the village (see Chapter 51 of these codified ordinances) are incorporated into these rules and regulations.
   (D)   Electrical grounding of D/C sources shall not be permitted on the water supply system or any private extension thereof.
   (E)   The village will perform all maintenance on the public water supply system, including the water service lateral from the water main to the meter pit or curb stop. The installation and maintenance of the water service lateral from the meter to the structure to be served is the property owner’s responsibility.
   (F)   The village shall levy a charge for any service requiring a special call to a property. All current fees and charges for the various services performed are outlined in §§ 50.120 through 50.124. These charges and fees are subject to amendment by the village and are not to be construed as being fixed for an indefinite period of time.
   (G)   It shall be unlawful for anyone to sell, or otherwise furnish to another, water obtained from the village, except persons specifically permitted to do so by the Water and Sewer Department.
(Ord. 97-104, passed 2-3-1997)  Penalty, see § 50.999