(A)   By request to the village, any consumer may have water service temporarily or permanently discontinued. The water meter will be removed or the service will be shut off and a final reading will be obtained. Should it not be possible to obtain a final reading, a closing statement will be prepared by the utility billing supervisor on the basis of previous usage, pro-rated for the time elapsed since the last reading. Under no circumstances shall the closing statement be less than the minimum charge pro-rated for the usage period. When service is re-established, a turn-on charge will be levied as specified in §§ 50.120 through 50.124.
   (B)   If a problem occurs on the property owner’s side of the meter, water service may be temporarily discontinued until the necessary repairs have been completed. In such cases, the meter valve will be shut off by personnel of the village at the request of the consumer. The charge for such service is specified in §§ 50.120 through 50.124.
   (C)   The water service will be turned off and discontinued for nonpayment of water or sanitary sewer or trash collection and disposal service charges. Water service will be re-established only after payment in full of all delinquent charges for water, sanitary sewer, and trash collection and disposal service, including penalties and turn-on charges.
   (D)   Any violation of the provisions of these rules and regulations shall be cause for having water service discontinued. Water service will be reinstated only after the correction of the violation and the payment in full of all charges and penalties.
   (E)   If it is necessary to turn off the water service at the corporation stop, the turn-on charge shall cover all expenses incurred and shall be in addition to the fee specified in §§ 50.120 through 50.124.
(Ord. 97-104, passed 2-3-1997)  Penalty, see § 50.999