Because each new subdivision accepted by the village becomes a permanent unit in the basic physical structure of the future community and to which the future community will, of necessity, be forced to adhere, all subdivisions hereafter planned within the incorporated limits of the village and within the unincorporated areas lying one and one-half (11/2) miles beyond, shall, in all respects, be in full compliance with the regulations hereinafter contained in this title. These regulations are designed to:
   A.   Provide for the orderly and harmonious development of the village in accordance with planning and development policies and to otherwise promote realization of the official comprehensive plan of the village 1 .
   B.   Assure adequate light, air and privacy; to secure safety from fire, flood and other danger; and to preserve the historic character, identity and natural beauty of the village.
   C.   Assure the coordination of streets within new subdivisions with other existing or planned streets and the safe circulation of traffic.
   D.   Provide adequate provision for water supply, sewage disposal and treatment, schools, parks, playgrounds, equestrian uses, recreation and other public requirements.
   E.   Prevent the pollution of air and surface waters; to assure the adequacy of drainage facilities; to safeguard the water table; and to encourage the wise use and management of natural resources.
   F.   Protect historic sites, natural areas and wildlife habitats.
   G.   Establish reasonable standards of design and procedures for subdivisions; to further the orderly layout and use of land and to ensure proper legal descriptions and monumenting of subdivided land. (Ord. 91-21, 8-6-1991)



1. See section 10-1-3 of this code.