Whenever any word in any section of this Village Code importing the plural number is used in describing or referring to any matters, parties or persons, any single matter, party or person shall be deemed to be included, although distributive words may not have been used. When any subject matter, party or person is referred to in this Village Code by words importing the singular number only or the masculine gender, several matters, parties or persons and females as well as males and bodies corporate shall be deemed to be included; provided, that these rules of construction shall not be applied to any section of this Village Code which contains any express provision excluding such construction or where the subject matter or context may be repugnant thereto.
The word "ordinance" contained in the ordinances of the Village has been changed in the content of this Village Code to "Title", "Chapter", "Section" and/or "subsection" or words of like import for organizational and clarification purposes only. Such change to the Village's ordinances is not meant to amend passage and effective dates of such original ordinances. (1998 Code)