A.   Purpose: This Title is adopted for the purpose of:
      1.   Promoting the public health, safety, comfort, morals, convenience, and general welfare;
      2.   Securing adequate light, pure air, pure water and safety from fire and other dangers;
      3.   Conserving the taxable value of land and buildings throughout the Village;
      4.   Preserving sites, areas and structures of historic, architectural and aesthetic importance.
   B.   Standards And Objectives Set: To these ends, this Title is designed to set up and accomplish certain standards and objectives by:
      1.   Dividing the entire Village into districts and restricting and regulating therein the location, construction, reconstruction, alteration and use of buildings, structures and land whether for residence, business or other specified uses;
      2.   Avoiding or lessening congestion in the public streets;
      3.   Preventing the overcrowding of land through regulating and limiting the height and bulk of buildings thereafter erected as related to land area;
      4.   Establishing, regulating and limiting the building or setback lines on or along streets, alleys, or property lines;
      5.   Regulating and limiting the intensity of the use of lot areas, and regulating and determining the area of open spaces within and surrounding such buildings;
      6.   Establishing standards to which buildings or structures therein shall conform;
      7.   Prohibiting uses, buildings, or structures incompatible with the character of the residence or business districts;
      8.   Preventing additions to and alterations or remodeling of existing buildings or structures in such a way as to avoid the restrictions and limitations imposed hereunder;
      9.   Providing for the gradual elimination of those uses, buildings and structures which are incompatible with the character of the districts in which they are made or located, including, without being limited thereto:
         a.   Elimination of such uses of unimproved lands or lot areas when existing rights of the persons in possession thereof are terminated or when the uses to which they are devoted are discontinued;
         b.   Elimination of uses to which such buildings and structures are devoted if they are adaptable for permitted uses; and
         c.   Elimination of such buildings and structures when they are destroyed or damaged in a major part.
      10.   Defining and limiting the powers and duties of the administrative officers and bodies as provided hereinafter;
      11.   Prescribing penalties for the violation of the provisions of this Title or of any amendment thereto.
   C.   Consolidation Of Provisions: The enactment of this Title is intended to be a consolidation of the Zoning Map first adopted October 17, 1960, and as thereafter amended, including but not limited to the following: Ordinance 78-1, providing for a planned development in territory annexed to Wayne (North Country); Ordinance 80-03, which zones certain parcels as H Historic Preservation District; Ordinance 84-13, establishing a Commercial Equestrian District zone and, Ordinance 88-02A, establishing a commercial equestrian special use. The legal descriptions, maps and/or zoning classifications and conditions of use, if any, contained in these and other ordinances involving Map amendments, or the granting of special uses are hereby incorporated herein by reference. (Ord. 89-13, 5-16-1989)