A.   Generally: The village president shall make all appointments to the historic sites commission and to the position of chairman, subject to the approval of the village board of trustees.
   B.   Qualifications: Members of the historic sites commission shall be appointed on the basis of demonstrated expertise, experience or interest in the areas of anthropology, architecture, art, building construction, engineering, finance, historical and architectural preservation, history, law, neighborhood organizing, planning or real estate.
   C.   Chairman: The member appointed to the position of chairman shall be so appointed to such position for a term of one year.
   D.   Removal: The village president, subject to approval by the village board of trustees, shall have the power to remove, after a public hearing, any member of the historic sites commission for cause. Failure to attend three (3) successive meetings of the board shall constitute sufficient cause for removal.
   E.   Vacancies: Vacancies shall be filled as soon as possible for the unexpired term of any member whose place has become vacant. In the event that the office of the chairman is vacated for any reason, the village president shall immediately appoint either one of the remaining members on the commission, or any member who is appointed to fill such vacancy on the commission as the new chairman. Such appointment shall be subject to the approval of the village board of trustees at its next regular meeting. (Ord. 01-18, 12-4-2001)