A.   Adopted: The plumbing code of the village of Wayne (hereinafter referred to as the "plumbing code") shall hereafter be identical with the provisions of that publication entitled Illinois plumbing code, 2014 edition and which is incorporated herein by reference as if fully set forth. At least three (3) copies of the Illinois plumbing code are on file with the village clerk and are available for public inspection at all times during regular business hours as provided by law.
   B.   Violation; Penalty:
      1.   It shall be unlawful to design, install, construct, reconstruct, alter, use or maintain plumbing systems in any building or structure, or on property in the village of Wayne in violation of the terms and provisions of this section. A village of Wayne building permit is required for all plumbing work to be performed, subject to all applicable village permit fees. All plumbing work shall be installed by an Illinois licensed plumbing contractor. A photocopy of the plumbing contractor's license and letter of intent shall be submitted to the director of building and zoning prior to permit issuance.
      2.   Any person, firm or corporation violating the terms and provisions of this section shall be liable for a penalty in the amount of one hundred percent (100%) of any unpaid fee and, in addition, shall be subject to a penalty of one thousand dollars ($1,000.00) for each violation. Each day that a violation of this section occurs shall be deemed to be a complete and separate offense. In addition, the appropriate authorities of the village may take such other action as they deem proper to enforce the terms and provisions of this section, including, without limitation, an action at law or in equity to compel compliance with its terms. Any person violating the terms or provisions of this section shall be subject, in addition to the foregoing penalties, to the payment of court costs and reasonable attorney fees.
   C.   Effect Of Regulations: This section shall not be construed to extend to or affect any construction activity for which a permit was issued or application for permit filed prior to the effective date hereof, except for fees not yet due or payable, unless the director of building and zoning determines that any provisions of this section or the regulations incorporated herein by reference should be applied for reasons of public health and safety. (Ord. 16-05, 6-7-2016)