A.   Adopted: The Village of Wayne hereby amends and adopts an electrical code for the control of buildings and structures as herein provided; and each and all of the regulations, provisions, penalties, conditions and terms as amended of the published NFPA national electrical code, 2017 Edition (the “national electrical code”) are hereby referred to, adopted and made a part thereof as if fully set out in this section, except for the additions, insertions, changes and deletions thereto as set forth in subsection B of this section. At least three (3) copies of the national electrical code are on file with the village clerk and are available for public inspection at all times during regular business hours as provided by law.
   B.   Amendments: Additions, insertions, changes and deletions to sections of the national electrical code are as follows:
   Article 90-10 Electrical Contractor Requirement (page 70-32, add new article section).
      Add: All electrical work requires a village permit subject to the requirements of section 8-1-6 of the Wayne village code and shall be performed by a licensed electrical contractor. A photocopy of the electrical contractor's license and certificate of insurance must be submitted to the director of building and zoning prior to permit issuance. Only electrical licenses obtained through competency testing will be accepted. Any electrical work, for which a permit is required, performed on Village of Wayne property or right-of-way requires the Village of Wayne to be listed as an additional insured on the certificate of insurance and that the electrical contractor submit an executed permittee indemnity signature page with the permit application. Prior to the issuance of an electrical permit, a bond in the minimum amount of ten thousand dollars ($10,000.00), except where work to be performed exceeds the minimum bond amount the bond shall be for the actual cost of work to be performed, shall be executed by a surety company authorized to transact business in the state of Illinois as surety on the bond with the applicant as principal on the bond, and the Village of Wayne as obligee, for its benefit, and at the discretion of the Village of Wayne, that of consumers dealing with the applicant, conditioned that the applicant shall faithfully perform the duties without damage to surrounding private or public properties and in all things comply with Village of Wayne codes and ordinances pertaining to the applied for permit. The bond shall remain until the issuance of final inspection approval and/or final certificate of occupancy.
   Article 100-I Definitions - General - Authority Having Jurisdiction (page 70-34, line 4 addition).
      Add: The building department shall be charged with the enforcement of the electrical code, and the director of building and zoning shall be known as the code official, authority having jurisdiction.
   Article 210-8 Ground Fault Circuit-Interrupter Protection for Personnel (page 70-59, addition).
      Add: (F) Building department inspector reserves the right to require ground-fault circuit-interrupter protection where a potential hazard may exist.
   Article 320 Armored Cable Type AC (pages 70-182 and 183, delete article).
      Delete: Entire article. Use not permitted.
   Article 326 Integrated Gas Spacer Cable Type IGS (pages 70-186 and 187, delete article).
      Delete: Entire article. Use not permitted.
   Article 330 Metal-Clad Cable Type MC (pages 70-188 and 189, delete article).
      Delete: Entire article. Use not permitted.
   Article 332 Mineral-Insulated, Metal-Sheathed Cable Type MI (pages 70-189 and 190, delete article).
      Delete: Entire article. Use not permitted.
   Article 334 Nonmetallic-Sheathed Cable Types NM, NMC And NMS (pages 70-191 through 193, delete article).
      Delete: Entire article. Use not permitted.
   Article 340 Underground Feeder and Branch-Circuit Cable Type UF. Section II Installation, 340.10(4) installed as nonmetallic-sheathed cable (pages 70-195 and 196, delete subsection).
      Delete: Entire subsection. Installation as nonmetallic-sheathed cable not permitted.
   Article 362 Electrical Nonmetallic Tubing Type ENT (pages 70-212 and 213, delete article).
      Delete: Entire article. Use not permitted.
   Article 394 Concealed Knob-And-Tube Wiring (pages 70-236 and 237, delete article).
      Delete: Entire article. Use not permitted.
   Article 398 Open Wiring on Insulators (pages 70-238 and 239, delete article).
      Delete: Entire article. Use not permitted.
   Article 410, 410.10 II. Luminaire (Fixture) In Specific Locations, (A) Wet and Damp Locations (page 70-268, seventh line, addition).
      Add: Installation of outdoor luminaires (fixtures) on the exterior of a property shall be installed so as to not cause glare or excessive amounts of light onto neighboring property or onto public property/right-of-way, thereby creating a public nuisance or hazard, as determined by the director of building and zoning.
   C.   Violation; Penalty:
      1.   It shall be unlawful to design, construct, alter, move, enlarge, replace, repair, demolish, remove, use/maintain electrical systems in any building or structure in the village of Wayne in violation of the terms and provisions of this section.
      2.   Any person, firm or corporation violating the terms and provisions of this section shall be liable for a penalty in the amount of one hundred percent (100%) of any unpaid fee and, in addition, shall be subject to a penalty of Seven Hundred Fifty dollars ($750.00) for each violation. Each day that a violation of this section occurs shall be deemed to be a complete and separate offense. In addition, the appropriate authorities of the village may take such other action as they deem proper to enforce the terms and provisions of this section, including, without limitation, an administrative adjudication pursuant to Section 1-4-5 of the Village Code, or action at law or in equity to compel compliance with its terms. Any person violating the terms or provisions of this section shall be subject, in addition to the foregoing penalties, to the payment of court costs and reasonable attorney fees and any such penalties, costs, fees and other expenses incurred by the Village shall constitute a lien against the subject real property and fixtures until the Village is fully reimbursed.
   D.   Effect of Regulations: This section shall not be construed to extend to or affect any construction activity for which a permit was issued or application for permit filed prior to the effective date hereof, except for fees not yet due or payable, unless the director of building and zoning determines that any provisions of this section or the regulations incorporated herein by reference should be applied for reasons of public health and safety. (Ord. 16-05, 6-7-2016; amd. Ord. 20-03, 4-21-2020)