Pursuant to the authority and in accordance with the provisions of 65 Illinois Compiled Statutes 5/1-3-2 regarding the incorporation by reference of public records, the definitions, terms and provisions of 625 Illinois Compiled Statutes applicable to the village are hereby adopted insofar as such definitions, terms and provisions may be applicable and not inconsistent with any specific terms, provisions or definitions contained in this title, the same as if set out in full herein for the purpose of regulating traffic on the roadways of the village. Any ticket or complaint charging a violation of the provisions of the rules of the road incorporated herein may note that the offense is being charged as a violation of this section, but may also describe the specific offense using the statutory section number from 625 Illinois Compiled Statutes. All references in the Illinois vehicle code, as adopted herein, to "this code" shall be to sections of the Illinois vehicle code. References to a state employee or official may be construed to be a corresponding village employee or official where such reference is applicable or necessary. (Ord. 97-11, 2-18-1997; amd. 1998 Code; Ord. 00-01, 1-11-2000)