A.   It shall be unlawful within the Village and a violation of this Code to do any of the following:
      1.   Beat, torture, torment, bait or incite toward fighting, mutilate or cruelly kill, or intentionally apply any cruel and inhumane means or methods specifically intended to inflict pain or suffering on any animal, or cause or knowingly allow the same to be done.
      2.   Unnecessarily fail to provide any animal that is not wild with proper and sufficient amount of food, water, air and sanitary shelter, said shelter to be sufficient to provide natural light or artificial illumination during reasonable hours, protection from drafts, reasonable safeguards against chilling and overheating caused by temperature extremes, and space within that is sufficient for the animal to stand in an upright position and lie down stretched out so that no part of its body need touch the top or sides of the shelter structure.
      3.   Cruelly force any animal into undue physical exertion.
      4.   Carry, keep, drive, or cause to be carried, driven, or kept, any animal in a cruel manner.
      5.   Leave for any length of time any animal unattended in a motor vehicle and/or trailer when the outside temperature is such that the animal may suffer from excessive heat, cold, or physical stress.
      6.   Have, keep or harbor any animal that is infected with any disease transmissible to other animals or human beings, or that is afflicted with any painful disease or injury, including severe parasitism, unless such animal shall be under the care of a licensed veterinarian.
      7.   Abandon any animal on any public way or in any place where it may suffer or become a public charge.
      8.   Use an electric prod on any animal, unless necessary to protect against credible threat of physical harm to by-standing persons.
      9.   Purposefully kill any animal on any residential lot for food purposes.
      10.   Commercially sell any animals or animal by-products on any residential lot.
      11.   Use barbed or razor fencing to contain animals.
      12.   Knowingly or repeatedly allow animals owned by a person to wander unattended by a person onto property owned by another person without the other person's express consent.
      13.   Keep or maintain livestock on any property without adequate fencing to contain the livestock on that property.
      14.   Keep or maintain livestock on any property in excess of the number of livestock animals permitted by this Code.
      15.   Keep or maintain a rooster.
      16.   Keep or maintain livestock on a residential lot without a structure permitted to house the livestock in accordance with this Code.
      17.   Fail to keep and maintain hens entirely confined in a pen, coop or other structure approved by the Director of Building and Zoning for keeping and maintaining hens.
      18.   Fail to keep clean, sanitary and free of pest infestation, refuse and waste all structures that house livestock on residential lots.
      19.   Fail to at least once every twenty four (24) hours clean and containerize or dispose of all livestock waste on residential lots in a clean and sanitary fashion.
      20.   Fail to keep feed for livestock on residential lots in rodent proof containers until put out for consumption by the livestock.
However, as an exception to the unlawful activities set forth above, it shall not be unlawful under this section to control or eliminate pests using commonly accepted or commercially available products, services, means or methods on condition that they do not involve torturing, tormenting or other intentionally cruel and inhumane means or methods that are specifically intended to inflict pain or suffering that is unnecessary to control or eliminate the pests. (Ord. 19-13, 8-20-2019)