A.   Mandatory Service: Each waste hauler or garbage collector shall be required to provide curbside recycling pick up service for all of its residential customers in Wayne who voluntarily participate in such recycling program, regardless of whether or not such customers are located in an area of the Village where such garbage collector or waste hauler provides garbage collection service, for a substantial group of customers whose properties are contiguous to, or located near, each other.
   B.   Fees: Garbage collectors or waste haulers shall be entitled to charge all of the residential customers in the Village for whom they currently provide service an additional fee not to exceed one dollar fifty cents ($1.50) per month to pay for the cost of providing such recycling service, regardless of whether or not such residents participate in the voluntary recycling program. Such additional fee shall not be increased without the approval of the Village. Residential customers with commercial contracts shall not be charged in excess of one dollar fifty cents ($1.50) per month. (Ord. 95-19, 10-17-1995; amd. 1998 Code)