GARBAGE: Any rejected or waste household food, offal, swill or carrion and every accumulation of animal, fruit or vegetable matter that attends the preparation, use, cooking and dealing in, or storage of meats, fish, fowl, fruits or vegetables and any other matter of any nature, which are subject to decay, putrefaction and the generation of noxious or offensive gases or odor, or, which during or after decay, may serve as a breeding or feeding material for rodents, flies or other germ carrying insects or animals; provided, however, that "garbage" shall not mean or include yard waste such as grass, leaves or hedge and grass clippings. For purposes of this chapter, "manure" shall not be considered "garbage".
RECYCLING CONTAINER: A container for the recycling of garbage, refuse and solid waste.
REFUSE: Any or all of the following solid wastes produced as a result of normal household functions: ashes, bottles, cans, cartons, books, newspapers, other paper products or boxes; provided, however, that "refuse" shall not mean or include yard waste such as grass, leaves, or hedge and grass clippings.
RESIDENTIAL CUSTOMER: Includes, without limitation, any person or persons occupying residential premises regardless of the type of contract designation placed upon service to such premises by a waste hauler.
RESIDENTIAL PREMISES: Includes any house, residence, building, flat, apartment, dwelling place or other place of abode, but not including any business, commercial or industrial establishment, hotel, church, school, hospital, club meeting or meeting hall.
WASTE HAULER/GARBAGE COLLECTOR: A person, firm, corporation or entity who hauls or collects garbage, refuse and other solid waste for hire in the village. (Ord. 95-19, 10-17-1995; amd. 1998 Code)