(a)   Pursuant to MCL 28.451 et seq. (the “Act”), the City may grant a permit, upon application in writing on forms provided by the Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs, for the use of the following:
      (1)   Agricultural or wildlife fireworks (as defined in the Act);
      (2)   Articles pyrotechnic;
      (3)   Display fireworks; or
      (4)   Special effects manufactured for outdoor pest control.
   (b)   Such a permit granted by the City shall be subject to payment of a fee to the City, and shall be for either public or private displays within the City by the City, fair associations, amusement parks, or other organizations or individuals approved by the City, as long as the applicable conditions and requirements of the Act are complied with.
   (c)   Before a permit for display fireworks or articles pyrotechnic firework ignition is granted, the person, firm, or corporation applying for the permit shall furnish proof of financial responsibility by a bond or insurance in an amount, character, and form deemed necessary by the City to satisfy claims for damages to property or personal injuries arising out of an act or omission on the part of the person, firm, or corporation or an agent or employee of the person, firm, or corporation, and to protect the public.
   (d)   The City shall not approve or otherwise grant a permit for display fireworks or pyrotechnic fireworks ignition to a nonresident person, firm, or corporation until the person, firm, or corporation has appointed in writing a resident member of the Bar of this State or a resident agent to be the legal representative upon whom all process in an action or proceeding against the person, firm, or corporation may be served.
   (e)   Pursuant to the Act, the City shall rule on the competency and qualification of articles pyrotechnic and display fireworks operators as required under NFPA 1123, as the operator has furnished in his or her application, and on the time, place, and safety aspects of the display of articles pyrotechnic or display fireworks before granting permits.
(Ord. 2013-03.  Passed 5-21-13; Ord. 2013-07.  Passed 8-6-13.)