1476.01  MECHANICAL.
   No person shall engage in or attempt to engage in the practice of mechanical contracting or use such a title without a valid license issued by the State of Michigan as established in MCLA 339.971, et seq., except as follows:
   (a)   Installation by Owner of Heating or Refrigeration System in Dwelling; Application for Permit; Inspection.  The owner of a single-family dwelling which is, or upon completion becomes, the owner's place of residence may personally install a heating or refrigerating system in the dwelling if the owner, upon application for a permit, affirms that he or she is the owner and occupant of the dwelling or shall become the owner and occupant upon completion of the dwelling in which the installation is done and that the applicant will install the equipment in the dwelling for which the permit is requested.  The applicant shall apply for and secure the required permits from the enforcing agency of the governmental subdivision and shall obtain the required inspection after the installation is completed and the equipment is placed in operation.
(Ord. 2010-07.  Passed 7-6-10.)