A business owner may display an "A"-Frame sign in conjunction with its adjacent operating business if the business owner complies with the following conditions:
   (a)   An annual permit for each sign is obtained from the Community Development Department.
   (b)   Each side shall not exceed twelve square feet per side and shall not exceed a height of five feet measured from the normal grade.
   (c)   The sign is constructed of a durable material designed to withstand normal weather conditions.  Wooded signs must be painted with an exterior grade of paint.
   (d)   The bottom shall be weighted or anchored so that the sign is stable, wind-proof, and not easily knocked down.
   (e)   Each sign must be stored indoors at the close of the business each day.
   (f)   No balloons or streamers may be attached to a sign.
   (g)   Each sign shall be located on private property whenever possible.  In the event of placement on public property, then the applicant must obtain written permission from the appropriate government agency to occupy the easement, right-of-way, or other public area.
   (h)   Sign owners, lessees, and manufacturers shall be liable for any and all claims, injuries, or damages that arise from the placement of an "A"-Frame sign on public property.
   (i)   A permit shall be revoked whenever, in the opinion of the Community Development Department, the sign becomes an eyesore, a nuisance or is neglected.
(Ord. 2009-04.  Passed 4-7-09; Ord. 2010-02.  Passed 4-20-10.)