The keeping of horses and other equine is permitted subject to the following standards:
   (1)   Land use requirements.  There shall be provided not less than one-half acre of land for the use of each horse or other equine, and such land shall be located no nearer to the front street line than the rear building line of any house on any lot or parcel of land, or to the rear building line of the majority of houses on any block of a street on which more than one house exists. A fence shall be erected around the entire premises provided for the outside use of any horse or other equine. Such fence shall not be less than four feet in height nor higher than six feet in height and shall be constructed of metal or wood in accordance with the provisions of the City ordinances regarding fences.
   (2)   Stables to conform to requirements of section.  No persons owning or responsible for the custody of a horse or other equine shall, for the purpose of stabling such animal, use or occupy any building, shed or other structure which does not conform with the requirements of this section.
   (3)   Size of stable, location on lot.  A stable or shelter must be provided, and no structure for the stabling of horses or other equine shall be smaller than as will adequately house such animals, nor shall any such stable be less in interior dimensions than nine feet by 13 feet, with a minimum ceiling height of eight feet. No stable shall be erected closer to any side or rear lot line than 20 feet nor closer than 40 feet from a dwelling.
   (4)   Stalls.  The individual stalls in a horse or equine stable shall be separately partitioned in a substantial manner and faced with smooth boards to a height of at least four feet above the stall floor. Each standing stall shall be not less than four feet in width by eight feet in depth. Pony stalls will be a minimum of three feet in width by six feet in depth. Box stalls will be a minimum of ten feet in width by ten feet in depth. Each stall shall be provided with a manger and hayrack. In addition, there shall be installed in the front of every stall a high window or skylight, not less than four square feet in area, constructed so as to open in all its parts for light and ventilation and equipped and maintained with an adequate fly screen.
   (5)   Floors, walls and roofs.  Floors should be of such construction as to suitably meet health and comfort requirements for equine; floors shall be a minimum of four inches above grade and of hard, sloping surface. Floors should be of such construction so as to permit proper drainage. The walls and roof of the stable shall be so constructed as to be weatherproof, and the use of interior lumber is prohibited. The interior of the stable shall be free from projecting nails and splinters liable to injure the animals.
   (6)   Doors.  The doors of every horse or other equine stable shall not be less than three and one-half feet by six and one-half feet, properly hung so as to be weatherproof when closed.
   (7)   Storage of feed, bedding, water supply.  Properly maintained receptacles shall be provided for the storage of grain and sanitary space maintained for the hay and bedding. A supply of fresh water shall be available in the stable.
   (8)   Manure receptacles, sanitation of stables.  A suitable flytight receptacle shall be provided on the premises for the storage of all manure and such receptacles shall be emptied at least once a week. The stable shall be maintained in a clean, sanitary condition at all times.
(Ord. 2008-09.  Passed 11-18-08.)