Applications for registration shall be made on such forms and in accordance with such instructions as may be provided by the Building Official and shall include at least the following information: 
   (a)   The name, address and telephone number of the applicant.
   (b)   The names, addresses and telephone numbers of all owners of the rental dwelling.
   (c)   The name, local address and telephone number of the responsible local agent.
   (d)   The address of, and number of rental units in, each rental dwelling.
   (e)   An authorization appointing a responsible local agent, signed by both the owner and the responsible local agent.
   (f)   The driver's license number or Social Security number of the applicant, owner or local agent who is completing the registration form.
   An initial registration fee for each rental building shall be paid at the time of registration. The City Council shall, by resolution, set the registration fee and the inspection fee applicable to a certificate of compliance. No post office boxes will be accepted as legal addresses. Upon registration, the Building Official shall inform applicants of certificate of compliance requirements. 
(Ord. 1996-26.  Passed 12-17-96; Ord. 99-11.  Passed 4-6-99.)