The Residential Dwelling Board of Appeals shall have all powers enumerated in Section PM 111.0 of the current International Property Maintenance Code, and in addition shall have the following powers, including the power to order the issuance of a certificate of approval to implement its decisions:  to hear and decide appeals where it is alleged by the appellant that there is error in regard to the interpretation of the provisions of this chapter, including the standards of approval as contained in Section 1484.06. This power of the Board shall be construed to clarify any uncertainty that exists in the meaning of the provisions of this chapter. A decision overturning an interpretation of the Building Official is conditional upon the finding that the Building Official is incorrect in his or her interpretation under this chapter and has overstepped the authority granted to him or her, or has acted in a manner that is in conflict with the letter and spirit of this chapter, including the code provisions which are the subject of the appeal.
(Ord. 98-03.  Passed 1-6-98; Ord. 2002-16.  Passed 5-21-02.)