(a)   Deposit for Special Services. The owner of the building or the moving contractor shall deposit sums noted in Section 1446.04. Said sums may also be used to reimburse the City for the actual cost incurred by the City in assisting the owner or contractor in moving said building into, out of, or through the City. The actual cost incurred by the City shall be reimbursed within thirty days of the billing made to the owner or contractor. If said reimbursement is not made then the City shall deduct from the cash or surety bond posted sums necessary to reimburse the City for its actual cost. "Actual cost" is defined as the complete cost of the City in the use of City personnel or vehicle(s), including, but not limited to, the Police Division, the Fire Division, the Building and Engineering Department or the Department of Public Works (including supervision) to assist in the building movement.
   The amount of the cash deposit may be increased if the circumstances are exceptionably hazardous and in the opinion of the Building Official an additional security deposit may be necessary. At least five working days notice of the intended day and time of movement shall be given to the City by such owner or contractor, together with the proposed route to be taken, so that the latter may be reviewed before the permit is issued. The Police Division shall be given three days notice by the contractor or owner when the City has issued a permit.
   (b)   Tree Branches. The moving contractor shall furnish mechanical equipment capable of lifting all tree branches aside to permit the passage of the building and no tree branch shall be cut or damaged without the permission of the Department of Public Works.
   (c)   Demolition Permits. Demolition permits must be applied for separately and all requirements necessary for such a permit must be separately issued and be complied with. 
(Ord. 99-25.  Passed 12-21-99.)