1438.02  DRAINAGE.
   During construction, excavations shall be kept well drained. Before basement or cellar walls are backfilled, tile drains shall be installed and connected to the sewerage system or, if no such sewer is available, to a sump pit provided with an automatic sump pump designed to remove the water from the premises. Foundation drainage pipe having a minimum inside diameter of four inches shall be laid around the outside of the wall footing so that the invert of the drain is level with the base of the footing. Such drainage pipe shall be open jointed porous clay tile, vitrified perforated tile with hub and spigot joined, perforated concrete pipe, or such other type of footing drainage pipe as may prove acceptable. Each type of pipe shall be used and jointed in accordance with Commercial Standards or standards of the American National Standards Institute (A.N.S.I.) or the American Society for Testing Materials (A.S.T.M.), which cover its use and installation.
   Open joints in foundation drainage pipe shall be covered over with strips of tarred roofing paper, and all such pipe shall be laid on a two-inch base of the following material and covered to a depth of at least six inches with gravel, crushed stone or other approved aggregate which will pass through a one-half inch screen but not through a one-quarter inch screen. Foundation drains shall be connected with the plumbing drainage system of the premises at not less than four points. Each connection shall be at or near the mid-point of each outside wall, except that no run of the foundation drains shall contain more than two elbows between drain connections. Furthermore, the distance between footing drain connections measured along the perimeter of the wall shall not exceed fifty feet.
   The foundation drainage shall be led under the footing to the inside drain by the appropriate use of tees, elbows or wyes. The perforated or open jointed drainage piping shall be extended inside the foundation walls to a perpendicular distance of not less than four feet from the inside face of the foundation wall and then connected to the drainage system.
   The perforated or open-jointed drainage tile inside the foundation walls shall be covered from the bottom of the tile up to the underside of the basement or cellar floor with gravel or other approved aggregate as heretofore specified. The foundation drainage system shall be discharged to the exterior of the building, shall result in positive drainage away from the building site, and shall be incorporated into the overall storm drainage system of the surrounding area.
(Ord. 1989-07.  Passed 5-16-89.)