In the case of premanufactured homes, the following conditions shall apply, in addition to the requirements of this chapter:
   (a)   Premanufactured homes shall conform to the applicable requirements of the Premanufactured Unit Rules of the State Construction Code, being Section 6 of Act 230 of the Public Acts of 1972 (being M.C.L.A. 125.1506, MSA 5.2949(6)), as amended, including the display of a manufacturer's date plate, or the display of an approved HUD seal assuring compliance with the HUD Construction Code Standards for Mobile Homes.
   (b)   Such dwelling units shall be permanently attached to a perimeter foundation, except that in those instances where the applicant elects to set the dwelling on piers or when the type of unit requires placement of an underframe on piers or other acceptable foundations which are not at the perimeter of the dwelling, then a perimeter wall shall also be constructed. Any such perimeter wall shall be constructed of durable materials and shall also meet all local requirements with respect to materials construction and necessary foundations below the frost line. Any such wall shall, furthermore, provide an appearance which will be compatible with the dwelling itself and with the site-built homes in the surrounding area. Where a perimeter wall is used, the wall shall extend upwards from the ground to a point uniformly three inches below the base of the perimeter wall of the dwelling. A flange attached to the base of the dwelling wall shall extend down along the outside of the perimeter wall not more than six inches on all sides of the dwelling. 
(Ord. 98-08.  Passed 9-1-98.)