(a)   No permit shall be issued for a drive-in restaurant facility or auto car wash facility until a general application and site plan is submitted to and approved by the Planning Commission and Council. Such site plan shall be drawn to scale and shall include the development name, the date, a north point, a dimensional property map, the location of existing and proposed structures, parking facilities, drive and space arrangements, access roads, the paved exterior area, proposed lighting, the location and size of utilities, outdoor storage, proposed sign and developmental features, and a schedule with land area, setbacks, floor area and parking ratio.
   (b)   All entrances and exits to any drive-in facility shall be designed and constructed to facilitate quick and easy ingress to and egress from the site and to permit gradual merging of motor vehicles leaving the facility to join adjacent thoroughfare traffic.
   (c)   Turning movements which impede traffic movement are prohibited.
   (d)   All traffic to and from the facility must be channeled through these established entrances and exits.
(Ord. 2-A-23.  Passed 6-4-68.)