1288.05  VACANCIES.
   (a)   The owner of a building, used or intended for use for nonresidential purposes, which is located in a B-1, B-2, B-3, B-4, P-1, IND-B, IND-1, IND-2 or T-I District, who wants to board up the building, shall secure a vacancy permit for such building and shall pay a fee therefor as provided in Chapter 210 of the Administration Code.
   (b)   Applications for vacancy permits shall be made upon forms furnished by the Building Official, shall be signed by the owner and shall contain such information as the Building Official deems pertinent, in addition to the following:
      (1)   The name and address of the owner of the premises as well as the name and address of a person who can be contacted for the purpose of maintaining, repairing or gaining access to the building;
      (2)   The owner's agreement that the Building Official or his or her designate will be permitted to inspect the building at reasonable times and upon reasonable notice;
      (3)   An explanation as to the reason for the vacancy; and
      (4)   A statement as to the owner's intent regarding the securing of an occupant for the building.
   (c)   If the application is for a building which is boarded up on a seasonal basis, for certain periods of each year, the Building Official may issue a permit for a period not to exceed five years, for which permit the applicant shall pay one fee.
   (d)   A building for which a vacancy permit has been issued and is currently in effect shall be maintained in accordance with the following regulations:
   A vacancy permit shall not be required when the building and all accessory buildings are made secure against entry by unauthorized persons without the boarding up or covering of doors and/or windows. If such boarding or covering is authorized by the Building Official in order to make the building secure, it shall be accomplished with a material which is painted, coated, arranged and installed so as to blend in with the decor and architectural style of the exterior of the building.
   (e)   No rubbish or debris shall be stored or allowed to accumulate within the vacant building or on the property.
   (f)   Upon the Building Official's determination that the regulations regarding vacant buildings have not been complied with, he or she may revoke the vacancy permit pertaining to such premises. Notice of such revocation shall be mailed to the persons identified in the application for a vacancy permit.
   (g)   Determinations, decisions and orders of the Building Official dealing with vacant buildings are appealable to the Board of Zoning Appeals.
   (h)   A building existing or maintained in violation of this section is hereby declared to be contrary to the Zoning Code and a nuisance per se.
(Ord. 2-A-68.  Passed 2-15-83.)