On the same premises with every building, structure or part thereof erected and occupied for manufacturing, storage, warehouse goods, display, a department store, a wholesale store, a market, a hotel, a motel, a hospital, a mortuary, a laundry, a dry cleaning establishment or other use similarly involving the receipt or distribution of vehicles, materials or merchandise, there shall be provided and maintained on the lot adequate space for standing, loading and unloading services adjacent to the opening used for loading and unloading in order to avoid interference with public use of the streets or alleys.
   Such loading and unloading space shall be an area a minimum of ten feet by forty feet with a fourteen-foot  height clearance and shall be provided according to the following table:
                  Loading and Unloading Spaces
Gross Usable Floor Area         Required in Terms of Square Feet
          (sq. ft.)                  of  Usable Floor Area      
0   to2 0,000            1 space
20,001 to100,000            1 space plus 1 space for each 20,000 square feet of excess over 20,000 square feet
100,001 to 500,000            5 spaces plus 1 space for each 40,000 square feet of excess over 100,000 square feet
over 500,000               15 spaces plus 1 space for each 80,000 square feet of excess over 500,000 square feet
(Ord. 1995-06.  Passed 3-21-95.)