Off-street parking areas shall be landscaped as follows:
   (a)   In off-street parking areas containing twenty or more parking spaces, an area equal to at least five percent of the total parking area shall be used for interior landscaping. Whenever possible, parking lot landscaping shall be arranged to improve the safety of pedestrian and vehicular traffic, guide traffic movement and improve the appearance of the parking area, through the even distribution of the landscape effort across the total off-street parking area, rather than concentrating all effort in one location.
   (b)   Parking lot landscaping shall be not less than five feet in any single dimension and not less than 150 square feet in any single island area. Not more than two landscaped units of 150 square feet may be combined in plans designed to meet the minimum requirements.
   (c)   The landscape plan shall designate the sizes, quantities and types of plant material to be used in parking lot landscaping.
   (d)   Required landscaping elsewhere on the parcel shall not be counted in meeting the parking lot landscaping requirements.
   (e)   A minimum of one deciduous tree shall be planted in each landscaped area.
(Ord. 1995-06.  Passed 3-21-95.)