(a)   Every permanent, legally existing sign which does not conform to the height, size, area or location requirements of this chapter as of the date of adoption of this chapter shall be deemed a nonconforming sign.
   (b)   Nonconforming signs may not be expanded, enlarged, or extended. Nonconforming signs may be maintained and repaired so as to continue the useful life of the sign.
   (c)   For the purposes of this section, a nonconforming permanent sign may be changed on the face of the sign without jeopardizing the status of nonconforming use. An existing business, may continue an established past practice of utilizing more than 25% of the available glass area of a defined window area for signage, including temporary signs, providing that all such window signs are located on building walls that are a minimum of 100 feet in length and that such window signs do not exceed 10% of the total wall area of the building wall on which such window signs are located.
   (d)   Any nonconforming sign, sign structure or frame, which is more than 50% destroyed by fire, weather or other casualty loss cannot be restored or rebuilt.
   (e)   When a nonconforming permanent sign is removed it shall be replaced only with a sign that conforms to all the requirements of the zoning district. Nonconforming signs may be removed for maintenance or repair purposes as outlined in division (b) of this section. Removal of a nonconforming sign for repair or maintenance must receive a permit from the Building and Engineering Department. If the nonconforming sign is not reinstalled within six months, the nonconforming status of the sign shall be deemed abandoned.
(Ord. 2002-30.  Passed 11-4-02.)