Temporary signs shall be any sign on a zoning lot that is not permanently mounted or attached to a support structure. Temporary signs shall conform to the following regulations:
   (a)   Temporary Sign Permit.  Temporary signs on private property shall be allowed only upon the issuance of a temporary sign permit by the City Building and Engineering Department or as elsewhere authorized by the Code of Ordinances.
   (b)   Display Period.
      (1)   Each zoning lot or single tenant building shall be allowed a maximum of three temporary sign permits within a 12-month time period.  Each permit shall be for a maximum period of four weeks.  In the instance where more than one business is located on a lot or in a building, structure or shopping center, each business shall be permitted two temporary sign permits within a 12-month period.  However, not more than two such permits shall be issued to the lot, building, structure or shopping center for simultaneous display periods.
      (2)   One temporary banner pertaining to the opening or "Grand Opening" of a new commercial enterprise may be temporarily affixed to the commercial building or the new business for a period of not more than four weeks.  The length of such banner shall not exceed 25 feet.
   (c)   Rights-of-Way.  No temporary signs shall be placed, strung or located within the right-of-way or project in any way beyond the property line except as specifically authorized elsewhere by the Code of Ordinances.
   (d)   Area and Height.  No temporary sign shall have a surface area greater than 32 square feet for a single surface area or 64 square feet for signs of two or more faces, except for A-frame signs which shall be limited to 12 square feet per side.  Temporary signs shall not exceed a height of six feet measured from the normal grade, except for A-frame signs which shall not exceed a height of five feet measured from the normal grade.  Temporary balloon signs shall be exempt from the area and height requirements of temporary sign permits unless balloons are included as an integral part of the requested temporary sign.
   (e)   Materials Required.  Temporary signs shall be constructed of a durable material designed to withstand normal weather conditions. Wooden signs shall be constructed of a pressure treated wood that is acceptable to the Building Official. Wooden signs must be painted with an exterior grade of paint.
   (f)   Unsafe Signs.  Any temporary sign found by the Building and Engineering Department to be in unsafe condition must be removed by the sign owner within three business days after receipt of written notice.
   (g)   Removal.  Temporary signs shall be removed immediately at the end of the display period provided for in division (b) of this section. If temporary signs are not promptly removed at the end of the display period, a written violation notice will be issued by the City and a cumulative daily fee shall be assessed to the temporary sign permit holder as set forth in Chapter 210 of the Administration Code until such sign is removed.
(Ord. 2002-30.  Passed 11-4-02; Ord. 2009-08.  Passed 4-21-09.)