(a)   Individual Signs.  Any sign shall be measured as the area within a single, continuous perimeter composed of the smallest square, circle, rectangle, triangle, or combination thereof that will encompass the extreme limits of the writing, representation, emblem, or other display. This also includes any frame or other material or color, forming an integral part of the background of the display or used to differentiate the sign from the background against which it is placed. The support structure necessary to support the sign shall be excluded from this calculation. Reader boards, broken signs and permanent window signs shall be included in the sign measurements.
   (b)   Multi-Face Signs.  The area of a freestanding or projecting sign that has two or more faces shall be measured by including the area of all sign faces.
   (c)   Height.  The height of a sign shall be calculated by measuring the distance from the base of the sign at normal grade to the top of the highest attached framed component of the sign.
(Ord. 2002-30.  Passed 11-4-02.)